Discovery: Marketing & Brand Audit, Analysis & Insights

Discovery: Marketing & Brand Audit, Analysis & Insights

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Hourly Fee: $225/hr

Est. Hours: 40 - 60 Hours (Based on Scope of Work)

I will engage with your organization and immerse myself in the critical aspects of your business. I will do a deep dive to fully understand the drivers of your business and the current and past strategic and creative plans and initiatives.

My objective is to gain an insider's perspective of the key aspect of your business that will inform strategic planning recommendations and decisions.

Specifically, I will examine all available marketing, business development, creative, brand, communications, operational and budget perspective, and review existing strategic plans.

This is a collaborative process. You and your team/partners will be asked to play an active role in order that together we can achieve and deliver successful outcomes.

Once I've aggregated all your pertinent marketing and creative information, I will do a full analysis to glean valued insights.

Finally, I will formulate a summary report detailing my fresh perspectives and expert  recommendations. I will seek alignment with you to ensure that your subsequent planning efforts are fully in-line with adopted recommendations.