Management: Marketing Teams / New Initiatives

Management: Marketing Teams / New Initiatives

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Hourly Fee: $225/hour

Estimated Hours: Based on Scope of Work

Do you have an organizational gap and need a senior-level marketing executive to shore up your team on a short-term basis?

I have extensive experience in managing internal teams and external contributors and agencies.

If you have a temporary need for an effective, multifaceted senior-level marketing executive with broad marketing and digital expertise, I can quickly plug in, get up to speed and deliver immediate value.

With a well-honed ability to simplify the complex for diverse audiences, I have been successful in bringing stakeholders together to achieve common goals and objectives. 

Do you have an important project or initiative that requires senior-level marketing attention but your in-house talent is at capacity?

I have extensive experience stepping into organizations to help spearhead new initiatives and special projects.

Be it exploring and analyzing new channel or market opportunities, new product / service development and launches, or working on the development of new value-add partnerships. I have extensive experience and a demonstrated record of success in delivering to objectives.