Brand Development / Evolution

Brand Development / Evolution

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Hourly Fee: $225/hour

Estimated Hours: 60-80 hrs (Based on Scope of work)

My brand development process begins post an immersive DISCOVERY PROCESS that will enable me to fully understand your business, your products and your current brand positioning.

I will then lead your management team through various foundational exercises to ensure that we build / evolve your brand on solid footings.

Together we will detail a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, (S.W.O.T.) analysis and define key Features, Advantages and Benefits (FABs) for each service/product by channel by audience target. I will then extrapolate summary positioning statements for each product / service by channel / audience target.

I will then align to strategic business objectives to define the Vision and Mission of your organization. For established businesses, this may mean an evolution of your current positioning.

I will then lead your organization through a inclusive process to define the core guiding principles of your organization. These will become core elements that support your brand. 

Finally, I'll bring all our collaborative efforts together in a formal brand standards document.