Black and White - An Intimate Multicultural Perspective on

Black and White - An Intimate Multicultural Perspective on "White Advantage" and the Paths to Change

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The debut book by a biracial community leader and citizen activist explores his lived experience of systemic racism in North America and the paths to change.

“If you’ve ever wondered if Canadians of African descent have convincingly made the case that systemic anti-Black racism is a living reality, worry no more, because Stephen Dorsey’s scintillating and powerful book lays out the most compelling case yet. Black & White is informative, interesting, and challenging, while carefully footnoted with historical truths from both Canada and the United States. What makes it even more convincing is that the biracial and bilingual author shares with us the painful, shockingly personal anti-Black racism encountered in his own home throughout his formative years. Beautifully written — a must-read.”

Senator Donald Oliver, CM, ONS, QC