Strategic Prospecting Program (SPP) / CRM Customization + Workflow Automation

Strategic Prospecting Program (SPP) / CRM Customization + Workflow Automation

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Hourly Fee: $225/hour

Estimated Hours: 80-100 hours (Based on Scope of work)

I have developed a proprietary process to develop formal prospecting programs for organizations focused on fast paced growth and scalability. 

A disciplined approach to prospecting that helps accelerate the sales cycle, increase targeting efficiencies and provides management with more visibility on the revenue pipeline. My services will include:

  • Defining Prospecting Cycle
  • Defining Leads, Qualified Leads and Prospects - By Channel
  • Defining Marketing and Organizational Support / Workflow Automation
  • Defining CRM Roles and Responsibilities
  • Establishing Forecasting and Key Reporting  Protocols
  • Customization of CRM application (Specializing in
  • QC
  • Training
  • Define Internal Launch Protocols

Note: Although my fee includes managing the CRM platform customization of your program, I will engage a third-party specialist to do the hands-on programming customization. Third-party fees will be in addition to my fees.