Marketing Standards: Best Practices

Marketing Standards: Best Practices

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Hourly Fee: $225/hour

Estimated Hours: 50-80 hours (Based on Scope of work)

To achieve fast-paced growth, it's critical that organizations invest time and resources to map all marketing standards and related processes in order to effectively and efficiently scale the business.

Who does what, how, when with whom and with which available and approved resources? As organizations grow, it's important that all internal stakeholders have access to the marketing guidelines and materials that will ensure the brand is effectively positioned to the marketplace across all channels and markets in a standardized manner.

In addition to marketing standards related to communications, field marketing, online communications, and more, the marketing standards should include a well defined style guide that details how the brand elements should be used and not used. This will be informed by the Brand Development work that we can also undertake for you.

The style guide details brand guidelines on how to use the logo/word mark, typography, design elements, approved colours, images and key messaging such as tag lines, PR boilerplates, copyright information and more.

I have extensive experience in developing and managing marketing standards across a wide range of marketing channels.

I am also seasoned in optimizing existing processes to find efficiencies for fast growing and changing organizations. 

I also have experience defining and documenting standard operating procedures in  business development, and customer and  technical service support.