One Small Step for Canada, One Giant Leap for Northern and Rural Communities

Canadian Government Invests Billion$ In Satellite Technology to Connect Northern and Rural Canada with High Speed Internet

It’s exciting to hear that the Government of Canada is finally moving forward with an investment in advanced satellite technology to connect rural Canada and the North with high speed internet.

“The federal government earmarked between $5 billion and $6 billion in new investments over the next decade for a plan to make sure 95 per cent of Canadian homes and businesses will have access to high-speed Internet by 2026. It also set a target of 100 per cent connectivity throughout the country by 2030” (source:

In 2016, I wrote a discussion paper titled "Winning in the New Economy: Seven Steps Toward a Canadian Digital Innovation Strategy" which I had the opportunity to share broadly with federal government ministers in the current administration. Included was my recommendation that:

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"The Canadian government should ensure that it allocates a significant portion of its proposed infrastructure investment in high-impact digital infrastructure opportunities, including increasing high-speed broadband accessibility to rural, northern and First Nation communities...leverage(ing) current and future government satellite infrastructure…”

The announced government-led infrastructure investment is important for all Canadians, as it will help further unleash the creative and innovative potential of the talent in our northern rural and First Nation communities, and create real opportunity for them to plug into the global digital economy for the benefit of their local communities, our national economy and society.

There is much more we can do collectively to spur on the digital innovation potential of this great country. My discussion paper goes further as to the benefits of connecting rural, northern and First Nation communities to the digital, cloud-based economy, and suggests other key areas for strategic focus and investment by both the private sector and governments.

Stephen Dorsey @ The Fractional CMO, Principal Consultant ,